Sunday, November 13, 2016


I shouldn't talk, shouldn't think- look where it has gotten me. So emotional I can't breathe, lungs collapsed- my heart is dead.
My heart is dead.
My brain has rot, my soul is gone- virginity lost to the Devil. 
Eyes crossed, I'm colour blind- bite my tongue.
Swallow more, drink more, fuck more, kill me.
Like it or love it- can't hate it, just see it and feel it.
I feel myself all night and day- moaning, breaking bones, only I'm to blame.
They're gone, you're gone- I'm still here drowning in the rain, suffocating myself away. Lightning struck's through pitch black sky and I see your face staring at me.
What do you want? I can't see, the light has gone and I'm too scared to open my eyes to feel you dying next to me. — Fear or wonder, I forget

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